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The Black Friday Purchase That Makes You Money! 💸


Black Friday is known as the one day of the year when you can find huge savings on products such as tech, gadgets, household items, etc., but what if you can both save money AND make money from the same purchase?

That is exactly what our Black Friday Super Sale is designed to do.

Our media lists allow our customers to gain access to contact journalists and editors at media outlets to get their business, organization and brand published in the media. This translates to exposure, traffic and revenue in sales for your business.

Or if you are an individual, you can use our media lists to offer your services as a publicist or PR/marketing consultant for businesses to earn $$$.

Our Black Friday Super Sale will allow you to save 33% on your media list costs! For every 2 media lists you purchase, you get 1 for free. This is completely stackable so you can purchase 20 media lists and get 10 media lists for free!

This promotion ends at midnight PST/PDT on December 1st, 2021.

Shop Media Contacts by Industry

📺 Broadcasting (30,000+ media contacts for $650)
🧑🏻‍💼 Business (3500+ media contacts for $150)
⚙️ Industrial (2500+ media contacts for $150)
🏖 Consumer (6000+ media contacts for $250)
📰 News & Media (40,000+ media contacts for $800)
🏉 Sports & Leisure (2900+ media contacts for $150)
👩🏻‍💻 Technology (1800+ media contacts for $100)

See All Industries

Popular Lists

🌉 California ($175 for 8000+ media contacts)
🗽 New York ($175 for 10,000+ media contacts)
🏝 Florida ($137.50 for 5000+ media contacts)
🎖 Texas ($137.50 for 5000+ media contacts)
🏭 Pennsylvania ($125 for 4500+ media contacts)
📡 Radio or Station ($650 for 35,000+ media contacts)
💻 Print or Online ($1200 for 63,000+ media contacts)

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