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5 things to consider when contacting media outlets

June 19, 2020

The Internet revolution has changed the way we used to market our business. Thanks to digital marketing, social media platforms, and so many other communication technologies, public relations is accessible to anyone these days. 

You don’t have to own a million-dollar business to make headlines today. Media outlets are always searching for news related to entrepreneurs, innovative ideas, and an expert’s opinion. This offers a great opportunity for anyone interested to reach out to their prospective customers through journalists or influencers. 

Here are five tips for you to generate some buzz around your business. 

1. Research your target audience

Before you start reaching out to journalists, you need to understand where your target audience goes online to search for news about the products or services they need. Which media outlets, websites, social media sites, podcasts platforms they are visiting, reading, or listening to. You don’t have to feature at CNN to get some attention. Sometimes the smaller media outlets produce far better ROI results. 

Spend some time understanding why you are different from existing solutions and how you can help, recognize your target audience, and give them the solution they always wanted. 

2. Writing a newsworthy press release

You should come up with an interesting, engaging, and informative piece of content to share when contacting media outlets. Without providing journalists something worth to read or share, you don’t stand a chance with them. 

Having an interesting headline or subject line is the first step. Journalists get hundreds of news releases every day and if your email’s subject line doesn’t intrigue these journalists, chances are that your news release might end up in the trash folder. 

Writing a press release isn’t like writing a blog or article. If you don’t know how to write for journalists, it is better to hire a press release writer to craft a perfect email pitch and news release for you. 

3. Email or contact journalist

YOnce you know which media outlets you want to work with and have a news release with you, the next step is to contact them and pitch your news release via email.

You don’t have to be scared or feel hesitant. Just do it. Hit the send button. Don’t worry if you don’t hear from them. It may take some time for you to build a two-way communication, especially if they have never heard about you before. 

4. Follow up

You may not have heard from the journalist for the first time. Following up by phone or another email can be a good way to initiate a communication with the journalist. 

Send an email, follow up one time, one week later, and if you still don’t hear, come back after a month. You can save this time by using the services of a press release distribution service as they have been in touch with journalists for a year and get your news release in front of the journalists in no time. 

5. Keep Track

It is easy to get disheartened or feel lost, especially if you are new to public relations. You must understand that consistency is the key here. You must keep track of your strategy and efforts. Keep track of every email you send, every phone call you make, or every reply you get. This will give you an insight into everything you are doing and ensure that you are on the right track with the right story.

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