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Daily Herald

Telemundo 2 KASA

Albuquerque, New Mexico is has artfully forged the culture and history of its past into a promising future. Ranked seventh in 2014 in terms of being America’s Engineering Capital, it has transformed itself into a technology hub. Then, if it is not its sports programs, residents and visitors can enjoy the many diversions the city offers, including its architecture, dining, and theater.
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Daily Herald

Carolina News & Reporter

Rutledge College has grown from nine student enrollment in the early 1800s to one of the South’s most prominent universities—the University of South Carolina in Columbia. The college educates close to 50,000 students offering more than 350 programs, including those being offered through the U of SC’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications.
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Daily Herald

Erie News Now

Erie, Pennsylvania is anything but a mistake on the lake. The city, once a manufacturing and industrial hub, has calmed down quite a bit during this break between seasons of commerce and industry. In the process of reinventing its economy to encompass a wider range of industries, the city is also fertile ground for diversion, namely sports, the arts, and media in general.
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Daily Herald

AZ Central

Historically, its economy was based on the 5Cs of industry (copper, cattle, climate, cotton, and citrus), but The Valley of the Sun and the surrounding Phoenix area has grown to encompass so much more to a diverse array of communities. As today’s Phoenix rebounds from an earlier recession and reinvents itself, more and more people are making the fifth largest city in the United States home.
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Daily Herald

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is one of the country’s premier cities and has been a beacon of history since America’s inception. Establishing itself as a producer of metals (tin, brass, and iron), Steel City would move into the millennia with an economy supported by diverse industries. In addition to technology, health, and education, Pittsburgh supports a vibrant community devoted to diversion, sport, and just having a good time.
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Daily Herald

The Oklahoman

From the earliest days of the land run to the glory days of oil and energy, Oklahoma City has grown to become a place whose diversified industry is a great part of the economy. However, the city’s cultural, social, and even historical landscape has made the city one of the most interesting places to live. For close to 130 years, The Oklahoman, the city’s largest paper, has recorded the trial and tribulations and the successes of those who call Oklahoma City home.
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Business Media Outlets

Daily Herald

The Daily Herald

Chicago has a lot going on for itself these days. Between high-profile athletics and a cultural landscape that can take lifetime to discover, 708’ers and surrounding residents are in an urban paradise. The city boasts one of richest and healthiest economies in the country and one of most amazing skylines, and let’s not mention the view along Lake Michigan.
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Daily Herald

The Buffalo News

Established as the Buffalo-Niagara gateway in Western New York, Buffalo transformed itself into a thriving city in the 19th and 20th centuries. Today, while industrialization and manufacturing are no longer the sole means of industry for the city, Buffalo is a city supporting itself through a diverse array of industries. Furthermore, like many larger cities in New York, Buffalo is home to wide range of identities and with diverse tastes. Buffalo is indeed made of the stuff that makes great cities, including a media that plugs its residents into its political, cultural, and historical events.
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Media Outlets™ connects people and businesses with media outlets and journalist professionals.

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