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AP News (Associated Press)

AP News (Associated Press)

Media Outlet: AP News (Associated Press)
Founded: 1846
Aliases: None
Type: News Media Non-profit Cooperative
Location: New York City, New York
Channel(s): Wire Service
News Network Affiliation: None
Former Affiliation(s): None
Owner: Gary Pruitt (CEO and President) and Steven R. Swartz (Chairman)

About AP News (Associated Press)

Located in New York City, the Associated Press (AP News) news organization is a cooperative of media professionals (reporters and broadcasters) and business interests who report the news around the world. Since its inception 174 years ago, the AP News organization has been cooperating with 15,000 companies across diverse industries globally to provide its readership engaging stories from around the world in multi-format content. Committed to disseminating news using the highest standard of objective and accurate journalism, the organization is widely-known for covering some of the world’s most popular stories.

The news organization is also considered one of the most trusted news sources globally because of its focus on factual reporting. A fast, accurate source of news, the AP News organization has made many strides since its inception more than a century ago. As of 2021, AP teams work in 250 countries around the world, reaching more than half of the world’s population through 2,000 stories a day, 70,000 videos a year, and one million images a year published in Spanish, English, and Arabic.

AP News (Associated Press) History

During the Mexican-American War circa 1846, five New York newspaper outlets funded a pony express that would expedite the communication of events through Alabama much faster than the US Post Office. This cooperative was originally named the New York Associated Press (NYAP), and it operated successfully until 1892 when it reportedly entered into an agreement to share news and profits with the United Press, a competing news agency. The controversy led to the demise of NYAP, and this same year, the Western Associated Press-a NYAP competitor who initially criticized the organization of price settling-was incorporated in Illinois becoming the Associated Press.

By 1900, however, the Associated Press would move from Chicago to New York after an Illinois Supreme Court ruled the news organization was a public utility and one operating in restraint of trade. Establishing the AP News organization was a significant milestone for the news industry because it raised the profile of journalism with its own expansion into South America, Europe, and the Middle East. Moreover, this expansion led to inventions such as the telegraph typewriter and the Wirephoto network, which allowed for the transmission of photographs over leased private lines the same day the pictures were taken.

Today, the organization has accomplished much since its beginning. In this time, the AP News organization has won 54 Pulitzer Prizes (32 for photography) since the award was established in 1917. Furthermore, the organization has been an integral part of the election process, tracking votes in national, state, and local races since 1848 and collecting and verifying returns around the US in over 5,000 states.

The news would not be the news without the AP News organization. While based in New York City, the Associated Press’s reach extends into major markets around the world providing readers with engaging, factual reporting. Get your business on the AP News by sending a press release. PR Distribution is partnered with the AP News and/or with their content syndication partner(s).


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