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Carolina News & Reporter

Carolina News & Reporter

Media Outlet: Carolina Reporters & News
Founded: N/A
Aliases: Carolina News/The Carolina Reporters  
Type: Television/Print Media
Location: Columbia, South Carolina, United States
News Network Affiliation: None    
Former Affiliation(s): None
Owner: University of Southern Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communications

About Carolina News & Reporter

Rutledge College has grown from nine student enrollment in the early 1800s to one of the South’s most prominent universities—the University of South Carolina in Columbia. The college educates close to 50,000 students offering more than 350 programs, including those being offered through the U of SC’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications. As a part of their educations in media, students can participate in a five-week course that allows them to gain the practical skills needed to report the news.

The Carolina News & Reporter transforms the college-level communications classroom into a newsroom and television station that is considered a part of the senior semester capstone. The intensive course is designed to replicate the real world experience of working in broadcasting or print media. While the course is under one title, it is made up of two parts.

The Carolina News prepares students for careers in broadcasting while The Carolina Reporter prepares students for careers in print media. In the class, students get the chance to apply their book knowledge to real work experience. Students direct two daily news shows, write and edit stories to upload on the course’s website, and produce stories and accompanying graphics for print media.

The classroom is very much a laboratory in which students get to experience what it will be like to work in journalism and communications. Students and faculty can catch a broadcast or read the student-run paper online by visiting If not directly at the school’s website, they can also be found on Facebook as well.

Student-run Carolina News & Reporter is a part of the Gamecock scene, and more importantly, a voice of the college community. Get your business on Carolina News & Reporter by sending a press release. PR Distribution is partnered with Carolina News & Reporter and/or with their content syndication partner(s).


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