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Engage with Media Outlets to establish your Business as an Authority

June 18, 2020

Are you working hard but not getting an acknowledgment from the media

No matter how hard you work, provide high-authority service, or work better than your rivals, if media outlets quote your competition instead of mentioning your business, you always stay one step behind. Having a public relations strategy is as important as marketing or SEO online campaigns. Each time a reputable media outlet mentions a business, it is building its credibility, visibility, and authority in the domain. 

People often assume that media outlets simply choose “experts” because they always out-perform everyone else in the industry. In reality, only a few businesses put an effort in public relations. Often small business owners are unaware of the importance of having good public relations with media outlets or they don’t have enough resources to execute a successful public relations strategy. 

Media outlets are accessible to everyone these days and sharing your story with these media outlets is one of the most powerful ways to be seen as an authority in your target community. It allows you to connect with people who were never aware of your existence before. Contact your local media outlets is a great way to share your story with the world. 

Here is the step by step guide to contact your local media outlets:

Decide what you want to share

Have you recently hired a noted CEO? Announced a promising product or unique service? Are you offering discounts? Have you achieved a milestone? Or wrote a book? Then it's time to communicate your story with the Media outlets. 

Think about what you want to say. Prepare before you share your story with the media outlets. It is always better to get help from professional press release writers if you don’t know how to phrase your story for journalists. Compile your press release kit for the media outlets containing all the information, images, logos, etc. 

Decide the media outlet

Decide where you want to share your news? Is it a local newspaper, radio, or TV station? 

Contact the journalist

You can search for the journalists who might be interested in your topic. News outlets are always looking for news related to startups, entrepreneurs, and business owners with innovative ideas. You can also purchase the media contact list which saves your time and effort you might have to spend searching for the journalists online. 

Initiate the contact

Initiating the first contact with journalists through email is always a good strategy. You can later follow up on the phone. When you make the first contact, try to be concise and polite. Don’t be disheartened if the journalist hasn’t opened your email yet. They have lots of work to tight deadlines and may not have opened their inbox for a long time. If this is the case, you can suggest calling at another time or following up with an email. 

This strategy may take some time to work. If you are on a tight schedule, you can hire a press release distribution service as they have already established relationships with writers, editors, and journalists. This can help you to introduce yourself to the media outlets when you are just a new name for them. It is always easier to communicate or collaborate with media outlets who have some ideas about your business.

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