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Erie News Now (WICU/WSEE)

Erie News Now (WICU/WSEE)

Media Outlet:  Erie News Now
Founded: [WICU (Founded on March 1948) (First air date March 15, 1949)] [WSEE (April 24, 1954)]
Aliases: [WICU (MeTV)], [WSEE (The CW ERIE)], [Both stations (Erie News Now)]   
Type: Television
Location: Erie, Pennsylvania, United States
Channel(s): [WICU (12 Digital 12 Virtual)], [WSEE (21 Digital 35 Virtual)]
News Network Affiliation: [WICU (NBC, MeTV, Ion Television, Start TV)], [WSEE (CBS, CW+, Weather, Heroes & Icons)]
Former Affiliation(s): [WICU (CBS/1949-1954), (Dumont/1949-1955), (ABC/1949-1966)], [WSEE (ABC/1954-1966), (UPN/1995-2006)]
Owner: [WICU (Lilly Broadcasting via SSA)], [WSEE (Lilly Broadcasting, LLC)]

About Erie News Now

Erie, Pennsylvania is anything but a mistake on the lake. The city, once a manufacturing and industrial hub, has calmed down quite a bit during this break between seasons of commerce and industry. In the process of reinventing its economy to encompass a wider range of industries, the city is also fertile ground for diversion, namely sports, the arts, and media in general.

Erie News Now, one of the city’s premier stations, is a part of the city’s long and interesting history. The station is a merger comprised of WICU and WSEE and other affiliates. As a shared operation, the station gets the benefit of not only shared facilities but also affiliations that open up more options for viewers.

Aired on different digital and virtual channels, WICU and WSEE provide viewers with the NBC and CBS television schedules, respectively. Then, through their other affiliates, viewers can watch their favorites on MeTV, Ion Television, Start TV, CW +, and Heroes & Icons. As for the news, the station merged their programs into one format so that while both stations broadcast the news the information and resources are shared.

Erie News Now History

WICU and WSEE would operate as separate entities that would eventually find themselves on the same path. Both stations got their starts in the late forties/early fifties with WICU launching in 1949 and WSEE going on air some five years later in 1954. However, finding each other would take more than fifty years.

WICU started out in a really good situation in that FCC rules (at least for five years)  pretty much allowed it to dominate the Erie market.  The station would occupy the air waves on Channel 12 for five years before WSEE would go on air. The station’s owners would face being accused of associating with communist and would change the name of the station’s owners to Great Lakes Communications.

In the mid-1990s, the station would be sold to SJL Communications which would later transfer ownership to SJL Broadcast Management Corporation. At the same time, WSEE would continue broadcasting to the Erie area while at least sharing one affiliate ABC for a brief time before WSEE was sold to Gillett Broadcasting in 1978. WSEE would change hands in the eighties at least three times before ending up with Northstar Television Group in 1989.

The two stations would converge in 2002 when they entered into a local marketing agreement where they would broadcast in facilities off Peach Street in Downtown Erie. By 2009, WSEE would officially join with WICU when it moved to WICU facilities on State Street, and 2011 would see the two station’s merge their websites. Currently, viewers can take advantage of a range of programs including news, sports, and syndicated and classic television shows.

More than just providing viewers with great television, Erie News Now provides comprehensive news coverage for Erie residents. Get your business on Erie News Now by sending a press release. PR Distribution is partnered with Erie News Now and/or with their content syndication partner(s).


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