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LBG Television

LBG Television

Media Outlet: Lockwood Broadcast Group Television (LBGTelevision)
Founded: Early 1990s
Aliases: None
Type: Television Broadcasting Company
Location: Hampton (Main Office), Richmond (Operation Headquarters), Virginia
Channel(s): None
News Network Affiliation: None
Former Affiliation(s): None
Owner: LBGTelevision

About LBGTelevision

A Virginia-based operation, the Lockwood Broadcast Group Television is a television network comprised of twelve stations across the Southern and Midwestern United States. KAKE (Wichita, KS), Fox 43 (Knoxville, TN), Fox 54 (Augusta, GA), Fox 28 (Panama City, FL), Fox 34 (Dothan, AL), KTEN (Sherman-Denison, TX), WSKY-TV (Northfolk-VA Beach, VA), and WKNX (Knoxville, TN) are a few of the stations LBGTelevision owns and operates. All but two of the stations (WSKY-TV and WKNX-TV) operate independently and are not affiliated with ABC, NBC, CBS, or FOX.

LBGTelevision History

In the early 1990s, LBGTelevision started with low-power television station WPEN. By 1997, the broadcasting network purchased WAWB (a WB affiliate) and changed its call letters to WUPV and its affiliation to UPN. Then the company acquired an ABC affiliate located in Texas/Oklahoma and turned it into an NBC affiliate with local news service.

In 2004, the broadcasting company purchased the UPN affiliate-WHDF-based in Huntsville, Alabama. After the merging of the WB and UPN in 2006, WUPV and WHDF joined the news station to become the CW also known as the CW Richmond and The Valley’s CW, although WUPV would be sold in 2007. The station would also acquire stations WBXX (CW-affiliate) and WKNX in 2011 and 2013, respectively, comprising the network’s first duopoly.

The following year—2013—LBGTelevision acquired CW affiliate WCWG and 51 percent stake in WSKY, a fully independent television station. They would also sell WQCW in 2014, a station it had purchased in 2007. A year later in 2015, the network broadcasting company sold WBBX and purchased KAKE in Wichita. In 2018, LBGTelevision would sell WHDF, but it would also acquire WTNZ (Knoxville), WFXG (Augusta), WPXG (Panama City), and WDFX (Dothan) in 2019.

Since its inception close to 30 years ago, LBGTelevision has been a broadcasting network for viewers living in the southern and Midwestern stated. Based in Virginia, LBGTelevision provides viewers news from established outlets and diverse selection of television shows. Get your business on LBGTelevision by sending a press release. PR Distribution is partnered with LBGTelevision and/or with their content syndication partner(s).


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