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Mammoth Times

Mammoth Times

Media Outlet: Mammoth Times
Founded: circa 1987
Aliases: Eastern Sierra Times (magazine insert)
Type: Newspaper
Location: Mammoth Lakes, California, United States
Channel(s): None
News Network Affiliation: None
Former Affiliation(s): None
Owner: Horizon Publications, Inc.

About Mammoth Times

Mammoth Lakes initially got its start as a booming gold rush town in the late 1800s. Eventually, as the mining industry drew to a close and residents left the town, the town first established itself officially as Mammoth Lakes and went about reinventing itself in the logging and tourism industry. Today, Mammoth Lakes and the mountain that has become so popular with skiers has become somewhat of a vacation destination. Mammoth Times has chronicled city events since its launch in 1987.

The paper is a weekly one that publishes on Thursday, and while local and business news, are always hot topics in the paper, the paper also focuses on topics integral to Mammoth Lakes. In addition to local entertainment, those perusing the paper might also find information related to outdoor sports and ski and snow reports. As an extra goodie, the paper includes The Eastern Sierra Times Magazine. The magazine provides residents with information related to the various events and activities happening in the area. The news can also be accessed online at

Mammoth Times History

Since it was coined Mammoth City in the late 1800s, the town has always had some version of news. The first paper published in Mammoth City was Mammoth City Herald/Times circa 1878, but it would be close to 110 years before the Mammoth Times would appear. While the paper initially launched in 1987, it would not be before 1989 that it would become a weekly paper.

In 1994, the Mammoth Times would add the magazine Easter Sierra Times to its weekly publication, a publication that would publicize local events and activities. Today, the publication is read by roughly 3700 readers every week. Currently, Horizon Publications, Inc. owns the newspaper.

Between the snow and the skiing and the picturesque lakes and the hot springs, the Mammoth Times is the best resource for information in Mammoth Lakes. Get your business in the Mammoth Times by sending a press release. PR Distribution is partnered with the Mammoth Times and/or with their content syndication partner(s).


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