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Media Outlet: Marketplace
Founded: 1989
Aliases: Marketplace Morning Report, Marketplace Tech
Type: Radio (Audio)
Location: Los Angeles, California, US (bureaus in New York, Washington, DC, Portland, Baltimore, London, and Shanghai)
Channel(s): American Public Media (production and distribution of show)
News Network Affiliation: None
Former Affiliation(s): KLON-FM (Cal State Long Beach)
Owner: Minnesota Public Radio/American Public Media

About Marketplace

For non-residents, Los Angeles is one of the country’s most recognized cities, most renowned for its film industry. Beyond La La Land, though, the Los Angeles community and surrounding area is comprised of many neighborhoods, from the beaches to the valley and into the desert. Within landscape that transforms itself into varying terrains, the cities that make up Los Angeles are similar to a fabric comprised of intricately woven diverse cultural identities.

Drive on the freeway and listen to this plurality that can be heard on the numerous talk radio channels, including talk about money. Marketplace, one of the more popular syndicated radio shows, features topics such as business, the global economy, and finance. The channel is produced in Los Angeles but can be picked up around the country.

More than just reporting business news, the show is known for delivering engaging content to listeners. Taking a hip, witty, irreverent perspective on business, Marketplace has been described as translating business into laymen’s terms, and not on just on a national level. The show has been credited with really helping listeners understand the world through an economic and business lens. Catch the show on the radio or online at and listen to a range of business-related topics and sound off, whether to yourself on the commute while driving or with others while driving in the carpool lane.

Marketplace History

Marketplace would get its start through academia. Not really the stuff of the ivory tower, the show would be a discussion about money produced at Cal State Long Beach’s KLON-FM and distributed by American Public Radio, which would later become Public Radio International. The station ran on a shoestring budget barely making it through its first year.

However, luck would have it that the program survived this rough time with the help of University of California (USC), which would later acquire the show in 1990. The show also did something for USC as well in that it established it as one of the only universities to broadcast a daily news program that was nationally-distributed. In 2000, Minnesota Public Radio would purchase Marketplace productions, and four years later, American Public Media was created to produce and distribute the show.

Marketplace has been the recipient of a number of awards, including an Emmy, the Edward R. Murrow Prize, National Headliner Award, and Peabody Award. Get your business on Marketplace by sending a press release. PR Distribution is partnered with Marketplace and/or with their content syndication partner(s).


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