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Media Outlet:
Founded: 2002
Aliases: None
Type: Private C-Corp
Location: Manhattan, New York
Channel(s): None
News Network Affiliation: None
Former Affiliation(s): None
Owner: Todd Harrison

Minyanville is a defunct online news outlet. Minyanville was an Emmy award-winning financial news website that operated for 13 years. [1]

About Minyanville

Manhattan is one of the country’s most world-renowned cities and is cultural reference seen in both film and television. Home to the country’s financial epicenter, including the New York Stock Exchange, and the Nasdaq, Manhattan’s Financial District has made it a formidable powerhouse on the world stage. Every important conversation revolving the American economy is usually focused on what is happening in the Financial District, both nationally and internationally.

In addition to many of the mainstream financial magazines that talk about economic global and national trends, Minyanville’s conversation focuses on of the talk of the economy and the stuff of business and finance. Based in Manhattan, Minyanville is an online publication that publishes and broadcasts investment and business articles. Typically, subscribers can access information from the site by going to or going through anyone of its partners (Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, AOL Money & Finance and MarketWatch.)

Minyanville History

Minyanville got its start in 2002 when Todd Harrison founded the site. With a background in trading, fund management, and as a senior executive with white shoe corporations, Harrison started writing about finance when a friend of his needed him to sub for a column while the friend was on vacation. Two years later, he launched Minyanville. The company has been up and running since then, providing professionals finance-related articles.

In recent years, Harrison has considered placing the company up for sale as a result of the online model not being appropriate for business today. Ideally, his vision for the outlet is to be a source of financial news not reliant on ads and based on providing information to a community of customers who are not just clicking on the site but are a part of the financial services community. To ensure this happens, his vision includes selling the outlet to a financial firm.

For years, Minyanville has been a credible source for financial news and commentary in Manhattan and for most of the country. Get your business on Minyanville by sending a press release. PR Distribution is partnered with Minyanville and/or with their content syndication partner(s).


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