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Media Outlet: Morningstar
Founded: 1984
Aliases: None
Type: Investment Research/Investment Management
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Channel(s): Online
News Network Affiliation: None
Former Affiliation(s): None
Owner: Dow Jones & Company
Key People: Joe Mansueto (Chairman), Kunal Kapoor (CEO)

About Morningstar

Morningstar is an investment research/management platform that arms modern investors with reliable, high-quality data. More than providing data, Morningstar conveys information in a way that facilitates investor understanding through creating a simplified method for communicating complex concepts.

Because of its commitment to providing investors very credible information, Morningstar’s recommendations and research is more than respected but very influential among financial journalists. The company’s recommendations are so influential that it has been known to impact the flow of money into or out of a fund. As a part of its asset management division, Morningstar has $200 billion as of March 2019.

Morningstar History

The 1980s was a decade marked by excess, one marked by Wall Street raising its profile throughout the American landscape. Wall Street became an iconic symbol of American consumerism, except for many, understanding finance only happened if an investor had a broker. However, Joe Mansueto made investing accessible to the average consumer because he felt it unfair that, in order to invest, a person needed a financial professional.

Mansueto was inspired to start the idea in 1982, but it would be two years before he actually established Morningstar. In his apartment in 1984, the 27-year-old stock analyst created a platform with an initial investment of $80,000. Much later in 1999, the company accepted a $91 million investment from Softbank in exchange for 20 percent stake in the company.

Six years later in 2005, Morningstar went public using OpenIPO as opposed to the traditional method. Since this time, the company has expanded, including acquiring Sustainalytics in 2020—a company that performs research and ratings with a focus on environment, social, and governance (ESG) insights.

Morningstar is a resource for accessing credible research and a source for reliable ratings. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Morningstar has empowered investors for more than three decades through its research and ratings platform. Get your business on Morningstar by sending a press release. PR Distribution is partnered with the Morningstar and/or with their content syndication partner(s).


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