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News Channel Nebraska (NCN)

News Channel Nebraska (NCN)

Media Outlet: News Channel Nebraska (NCN)
Founded: 2002 (launched in 2015)
Aliases: NCN
Type: Network of commercial radio and television stations
Location: Norfolk, Nebraska
Digital Channel(s): xx.1, xx.2, and xx.3
News Network Affiliation: Telemundo (2017-present), WeatherNation
TV (2016-present), 3ABN (2017-present), and Daystar (2018-present)
Former Affiliation(s): None
Owner: Flood Communications, LLC (Mike Flood)

About News Channel Nebraska (NCN)

News Channel Nebraska is an independent network of stations that focuses solely on Nebraska news. Viewers who watch one of the eight channels in the network can watch statewide news, high school sports and Husker coverage, rural areas and agriculture, news (every hour), and local weather (delivered every ten minutes). The network enables people who live in smaller, more rural towns in the state to access the same news and live programming that is broadcasted in larger markets in the state including popular programming events such as the summer Legion ball games, and of course, Friday night football.

News Channel Nebraska (NCN) History

News Channel Nebraska was founded in 2002 but would not actually launch until 2015 when attorney and former Nebraska speaker of the legislature, Mike Flood, realized that not all of the state’s residents were receiving adequate news and entertainment. The state is comprised of several designated market areas, and while they get some news and information, it is not always relevant to Nebraska residents. For example, someone living in the Nebraskan Panhandle would get Denver news, which while important, it might not always be relevant.

Operating as a network, it brought in other stations to create a network of stations that delivered Nebraska news and programming to Nebraskans. It operated for a year in 2015 independently as a network before connecting with WeatherNation TV in 2016, 3ABN and Telemundo aka Telemundo Nebraska (which is the only Spanish-language station in the network) in 2017, and Daystar in 2018.

News Channel Nebraska has made access to news, weather, and programming possible for the state’s residents. Separated into different regions, residents in rural areas can now pick a station in the News Channel Nebraska network to get news, weather, and programming unique to the area. Get your business on News Channel Nebraska by sending a press release. PR Distribution is partnered with News Channel Nebraska and/or with their content syndication partner(s).


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