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Media Outlet:
Founded: 1995
Aliases: Stockhouse
Type: Financial and Investment News
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Channel(s): Online
News Network Affiliation: None
Former Affiliation(s): None
Owner: Stockhouse Publishing Ltd.

About Stockhouse

Stockhouse is an investment and personal wealth platform that assists the public with managing their portfolios by providing them aggregated news, stock analysis, and user-generated content. It has not only become an authoritative financial news source but it has also become a hub for the affluent, savvy investor. The company specializes in publishing opinions, research, and insight on small cap enterprises.

The platform also is a place where investors can connect with the Stockhouse community. Through its blogs and billboards, the investor can find a smorgasbord of investment ideas. The site offers tools and subscription-based newsletters, and the chance to actively engage the community through social networking tools.
Stockhouse History

Founded in 1995 by Jeff Berwick, started out as a penny stock and marketing site. At the time of the website’s launch at the height of the tech bubble, the company invested anywhere between $5 million and $10 million as a part of a global campaign to promote the venture. For the most part, the company’s efforts worked because it expanded to eight countries while employing 250 people.

By 2002, Berwick had sold the venture to travel the world. Since then, the company has expanded to become a community of investors who engage each other online, use the sites tools, and rely on the research for making their own investment decisions. Today, the company is consider the number one Canadian-based portal that offers visitors financial news and analysis, having in excess of one million monthly viewers.

Stockhouse has grown to become a hub and community for those looking for ideas on investing and overall portfolio management. Based Vancouver, British Columbia, Stockhouse is one of Canada’s leading resources and sources for financial news. Get your business on Stockhouse by sending a press release. PR Distribution is partnered with Stockhouse and/or with their content syndication partner(s).


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