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Telemundo 2 KASA (KASA-TV)

Telemundo 2 KASA (KASA-TV)

Media Outlet:   Telemundo 2 KASA
Founded:  October 31, 1983
Aliases:  Noticiero Telemundo 2 KASA
Type: Television
Location: Sante Fe (licensing city)/ Albuquerque (city of coverage), New Mexico, United States
Channel(s): 27 Digital, 2 Virtual
News Network Affiliation: MeTV, Heroes & Icons, Charge!    
Former Affiliation(s): DT1: [Dark (1992-1993), Fox (1993-2017)], DT2: [The Tube (2005-2007), TheCoolTV (2010-2013), Cozi TV (2015-2017)], DT3: [Ion Television (2015-2017)]
Owner: Ramar Communications, Inc.

About Telemundo 2 KASA

Albuquerque, New Mexico is has artfully forged the culture and history of its past into a promising future. Ranked seventh in 2014 in terms of being America’s Engineering Capital, it has transformed itself into a technology hub. Then, if it is not its sports programs, residents and visitors can enjoy the many diversions the city offers, including its architecture, dining, and theater.

As a part of this vibrant, engaging community, Spanish-language station Telemundo (call letters KASA) provides news, sports, and valuable information for the Albuquerque community. The station’s most widely televised shows include local programming, televised sporting events (very popular), and the news from Mexico and Latin America, in addition to international, national and local news. Viewers can also stream video of past news, sports, and weather information for the day.

Telemundo 2 KASA History

Telemundo 2 KASA originally got its start in 1983 as a locally-owned and independently-operated station that ran old movies, westerns, dramas, and religious programming. At the time, its call letters were KSAF-TV and ran on Channel 2. Two years later, the station’s call letters changed to KNMZ-TV, and its format began to include cartoons, old sitcoms, and other shows from a previous channel.  

By 1988, the station changed hands twice with it finally being purchased by Sunbelt Communications Company. Here, it kept the same format as its earlier owners and changed the call letters to KKTO-TV. However, the station experienced financial issues, which limited what it could televise, e.g. classic sitcoms, cartoons, and low-budget film packages. The first inklings of what would become KASA-TV would show up as KGSW, an English-language general entertainment station.

This station broadcasted movies from the forties through the seventies, dramas, sitcoms, and religious shows. Then, the Providence Journal Company bought KGSW in 1984 and affiliated with FOX in 1986 but continued to run its original programming into the 1990s. KASA would not come into fruition until KKTO went off the air, and in 1993, the Providence Journal Company purchased Channel 2’s license.

In February, the station officially changed its letters to KASA-TV and actually became more competitive thanks to an over-the-air-signal that was comparable with other stations in the area. With a move to the Sandia Crest site, the station was more successful at covering its target area. Later on, programming would evolve to include reality and talk shows, which replaced daytime sitcoms.

With the Raycom purchase in 1999, the eventually station phased out cartoons and its weekday kid’s block by 2002. By 2006, the station would change hands again when Lin TV purchased it and then sold it eight years later to Media General and then to Nextstar Broadcasting Group in 2016. By 2016, the station was ranked as one of the top 4 in the market.

Ramar Communications, owner of Telemundo, would pick up the station in 2016 (FCC duopoly rules prevented Nexstar from keeping the station). KASA would become a Telemundo affiliate in 2017. Currently, the station runs a full schedule of Spanish-language programs with a few English-language newscasts from time-to-time.     

KASA, by virtue of Telemundo, has evolved to meet the needs of the growing diverse Hispanic and American community. Get your business on KASA by sending a press release. PR Distribution is partnered with KASA and/or with their content syndication partner(s).


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